L'oeil de la Genève Internationale
October 2016

Through a global network of more than 200 local correspondents, experienced editors and analysts, IRIN provides insider multimedia news and analysis about humanitarian issues.

In March 2016, IRIN sent a team of journalists – Amanda Sperber, Will Miller, Alex Pritz and Ashley Hammer – to rebel-held territory in Sudan's Blue Nile State to document the toll of the conflict.

IRIN Africa Editor Obi Anyadike said "They found a region depopulated by violence, stalked by hunger, and abandoned by the international aid community. Tucked away in the remote southeastern corner of Sudan, a war is under way that is largely overlooked. The struggle in Blue Nile pits the government in Khartoum against rebels that are fighting for their independence. The humanitarian fallout is immense, but it doesn't attract the same level of international attention as the conflict in Darfur to the west, or the crisis in neighbouring South Sudan, although the violence is inextricably linked".

The multimedia web special, "Blue Nile – Sudan's forgotten front", is an in-depth examination of the crisis through the testimonies of civilians, soldiers, smugglers – and a hyena named Kafe. The photo above is from a rebel training camp, where IRIN witnessed young recruits being put through their paces as part of a graduation ceremony. "As people flee their homes and peace deals fizzle, both sides continue to gear up for war", said Anyadike.

After nearly 20 years as part of the United Nations, IRIN recently spun off to become an independent NGO. On 12 October, the official launch of its new headquarters at 3 Rue de Varembé will bring together diplomatic missions, Swiss authorities, NGOs, UN agencies and the media to mark IRIN's establishment in Geneva. The photo above will be part of an exhibition on display at the launch.

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