Geneva Platforms

The Geneva Platforms bring together actors, ideas and expertise available in International Geneva. They provide a space for exchange, help create networks, develop, test and spread policy suggestions, and provide access to critical knowledge in their respective fields.


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Platforms address different facets of multilateralism by building bridges between actors, resources and expertise on a same topic. A Geneva Brief is sent out each month and gathers all new publications, reports and events of those platforms.

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The following platforms also publish their own newsletters:

  • Geneva Human Rights Platform: subscribe
  • Geneva Internet Platform for digital policy issues: subscribe
  • Geneva Global Health Platform: subscribe
  • Geneva Environment Network for environmental issues: subscribe
  • Geneva Science Policy Interface for science and contemporary global challenges: subscribe
  • Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime for new and innovative strategies and responses to organized crime: subscribe
  • The Geneva Cities Hub: subscribe
  • The TASC Platform: subscribe