The work of international organizations and NGOs based in Geneva is often reported on by Swiss and international media, as well as on social media: the Human Rights Council, WTO negotiations, humanitarian crises, peace negotiations or research conducted at CERN.

The United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG) has more than 80 accredited journalists. The major news agencies such as the Associated Press (AP), Agence France Presse (AFP), Reuters or the Swiss Telegraphic Agency (ATS) are all represented. 



Organization of press conferences and support for visiting journalists

The Geneva Press Club (CSP), located in the international organizations district allows journalists and representatives of international organizations, NGOs and States to meet and organize press conferences and seminars.

A fully equipped and modular media room allows press conferences to be streamed over the Internet. The CSP organizes more than 100 events annually-- press conferences, seminars and debates -- and has a network of more than 500 journalists.

It assists journalists in all matters pertaining to the work of global players in Geneva and also provides workstations for visiting journalists.

The CSP has signed partnership agreements with the National Press Club in Washington, the New York Overseas Press Club and the Dubai Press Club. It is a member of the European Federation of Press Clubs. 


Geneva Press Club

Information on the UN activities in Geneva & accreditation

The United Nations Information Service at Geneva informs the worldwide public about the activities of the United Nations conducted out of Geneva.

Among other activities, the Information Service holds bi-weekly briefings for accredited journalists, which provide information about the activities of the United Nations in Geneva and in the field. Spokespersons from UN specialized agencies, programmes and funds represented in Geneva also brief correspondents on the activities of their organizations.

The Information Service is also responsible for the accreditation of journalists by the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG).

Foreign correspondents working at the Palais des Nations are part of the United Nations Correspondents Association (ACANU).


Information Service of the United Nations in Geneva


Journalists' associations

The Foreign Press Association in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, (known by its French acronym APES), founded in 1928 in Geneva, has more than 120 active members: correspondants of large press agencies, newspapers, magazines TV and radio from more than 46 countries. The vast majority of APES members are based in Geneva and its committee maintains permanent contact with Swiss and foreign official institutions, international organizations, NGOs, as well as many diplomatic missions.

Foreign Press Association in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (APES)


The United Nations Correspondents Association (ACANU) in Geneva, is charged with defending the professional interests of its members and with taking all necessary steps to support their work with the United Nations. ACANU organizes press conferences, exhibitions and various events for its members. 

United Nations Correspondents Association (ACANU)