Key figures for key organizations

Geneva-based international organizations explain who they are with some key figures.  




We don’t know what 95% of the universe is made of


4.9 billions

4.9 billion people use the World Wide Web, invented at CERN and offered to the world for free



150'000 visitors from all over the world explore CERN each year  

Source: CERN, 2021

12 FOR 6
12 field-adapted and affordable treatments delivered for 6 deadly diseases

200+ partners in 40+ countries have joined DNDi to deliver the best science for the most neglected

4+ M
4+ million compounds screened through open and collaborative science, and 27 active clinical studies ongoing around the world

65 million CHF
annual expenditure, with 89% of it allocated to social mission (2021 figures)

employees worldwide, across eight locations on four continents (2021 figures)

Source: DNDi, 2022


Since its inception in 2000:

822 M

Number of children Gavi helped to immunise - a whole generation


14 M

Number of deaths prevented by immunisation



Number of lower-income countries where Gavi helped to halve child mortality

Source: Gavi, 2021


Since the Global Fund was founded in 2002:

50 M

The Global Fund partnership has saved 50 million lives


AIDS-related deaths have been reduced by 70% and new infections have been reduced by 54% in countries where the Global Fund invests.


In countries where the Global Fund invests, TB deaths have dropped by 21%. Without these interventions, TB deaths would have increased by 121% in the same period.


In countries where the Global Fund invests, the incidence rate of malaria has declined by 28% and the mortality rate by 47% since 2002.

Source: The Global Fund, 2022

1 M

The ICRC has visited nearly one million detainees worldwide to check on their conditions of detention


5 M

Nearly 5 million people received food aid from the ICRC; 60% of them were displaced persons


35 M

The ICRC has provided nearly 35 million people with access to clean water and shelter

Source: ICRC, 2019

86 M

The ILO's International Program on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) has helped remove more than 86 million children from child labour around the world. 


Globally, in 2018-2019, some 1'000 enterprises with more than 200'000 workers followed the ILO “Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises” (SCORE) programme, leading to major cost savings, better productivity and improved working conditions

2 M

In the context of ILO’s Better Work flagship programme, ILO constituents in Cambodia, Haiti, Indonesia, Jordan, Nicaragua and Viet Nam developed programmes that improved compliance with Occupational Safety and Health and labour standards, benefiting more than 1,500 enterprises and over 2 million workers in the global supply chains in the garment and textile sectors

Source: ILO, 2021


International Standards used everywhere to make lives easier, safer and better


international organizations collaborate to the development of standards by participating in ISO technical bodies


ISO standards directly linked to SDGs and built around consensus 

Source: ISO, 2021


of emergency medical action and public testimony in the face of intolerable situations


medical and non-medical staff in more than 70 countries mobilized to support people in distress

6,5 M

of individual donors guaranteeing MSF's financial and operational independence from political agendas

Source: MSF, 2021

97,3 M

UNHCR will support an anticipated 97,3 million people

US$ 700 M

in cash assistance will be provided across 95 operations

2 M

children will be enrolled in primary education


of refugee-hosting countries with national health insurance schemes will include refugees on the same basis as nationals

Source: UNHCR, 2021

4 M

Over 4 million international patent applications have been filed through WIPO’s international patent system, boosting access to technical information


Via WIPO’s Accessible Books Consortium, over 500'000 books in formats for people with visual impairments available for cross-border exchange

94 M

Through WIPO, over 94 million tech documents are freely available, a treasure trove of documentation on technologies for inspiration and knowledge acquisition


WIPO’s Academy has trained over 600,000 people in intellectual property over the past decade

Source: WIPO, 2021


A five-day weather forecast today is as reliable as a three-day forecast two decades ago, and this is worth billions of dollars to the global economy


More than 10'000 surface weather stations, 1'000 upper-air stations, 7'000 ships, 1'000 drifting buoys, 3'000 commercial aircraft, and 30 meteorological satellites contribute to weather and climate observations


Every dollar invested in basic weather observing system has the potential to achieve at least 25 dollars in returns

Source: WMO, 2021


Increase in the value of world merchandise trade since the creation of the WTO in 1995 (through 2019)


$118 billion

Potential additional world economic growth resulting from the WTO's 2013 Trade Facilitation Agreement, with developing countries gaining the most


$45 billion

Annual Aid for Trade commitments from donor countries to support trade-related development programmes



Percentage of global trade covered by the WTO's rules-based system, contributing to stability and predictability in world commerce

Source: WTO, 2021

All figures provided by international organizations upon request of the Service de la Genève internationale



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