L'oeil de la Genève Internationale
July 2016

Delaney Ruston - physician, film maker and mom – questions in her documentary "Screenagers" teenagers' relations to the digital world. Confronted to the demand of her daughter to own a smartphone, the filmmaker explores the issues of social media, video games and other addictions related to the Internet.

Favoring a personal approach – notably through the practices and difficulties encountered in her own family – she questions young screen users' relations to the world. The many interviews of academic experts - whether they are psychologists, brain scientists or new technologies experts – suggest solutions allowing young people to navigate the digital universe avoiding its pitfalls.

This documentary is one of the films which will be shown between 6 and 10 July, within the framework of the 6th edition of CineGlobe International Film Festival at CERN. This year, CineGlobe is partnering with Ciné-ONU and participating in the Night of Science / Nuit de la Science. CineGlobe program can be consulted here. The festival is entirely free and opened to all.