L'oeil de la Genève Internationale
November 2015

This year, Geneva Peace Week gathered 2800 participants representing the civil society and the diplomatic community. On this occasion, the photo exhibition “What Does Peace Look Like?” composed of works honoured by the Alfred Fried Award Photography is shown at the Palais des Nations until 25 November 2015.

One of the photos exhibited shows 25-year-old Neehaari, from Andhra Pradesh in India, who doused herself with kerosene, “Other women tell me that they also have lots of problems with their husbands. That this is our culture. We are women, so we have to compromise. We are worth less than men. In most villages people think like that, my parents too. But not me. Men and women are equal.”

The photographer Ann-Christine Woehrl portrayed women survivors of acid and arson attacks in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Uganda. 48 women. 48 unimaginable stories combined in the book IN/VISIBLE, Edition Lammerhuber.