Launch of the Swiss initiative 2050Today for a reduction of CO2 emissions in International Geneva | 27 October 2020

Launch of the Swiss initiative 2050Today for a reduction of CO2 emissions in International Geneva 
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs press release  - 27 October 2020


In partnership with the United Nations, 2050Today brings together a community of international Geneva institutions determined to ensure a quick, continuous and measurable reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their own institutions. By sharing experiences, solutions and practices members of the community foster and facilitate the implementation of efficient measures with a sense of solidarity and cooperation. As primary advocate and responsible for a multilateral and inclusive climate action, permanent missions, UN institutions and other entities of international Geneva want to lead by example.

The planet has entered a state of emergency with an unprecedented risk of damage to humanity and the environment. Global warming and the collapse of biodiversity are having fatal consequences on an exponential scale. Urgent action is needed at all levels to reverse the trend. To this end, it is imperative to reach the goal of zero net GHG emissions by 2050, through a 50% reduction by 2030. The ambition of this objective therefore requires a strong commitment for concrete actions today. 

Geneva, as the European headquarters of the United Nations, the world headquarters of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), and the main centre for implementing sustainable development objectives, must be the symbol of this universal mission. 2050Today will also contribute to strengthening the role and image of innovation and solidarity of International Geneva as a laboratory for a renewed and effective multilateral system.

The three objectives of this initiative coordinated by the Permanent Mission of Switzerland are as follows: 

  • International Geneva emissions reduction: ensuring a rapid, continuous and measurable reduction of GHG emissions by developing a community of institutions determined to act now;
  • The sharing of experiences, solutions and practices: promoting and facilitate the implementation of effective measures in a spirit of solidarity and cooperation;
  • Setting an example through the action of International Geneva: taking the lead as the main advocate and leader of multilateral and inclusive climate action.

You can progressively discover the carbon footprint of the entities of International Geneva and help reduce it by going to

2050Today is jointly promoted by the Permanent Missions of Denmark, Fiji, France, Morocco, Mexico, Rwanda and Slovenia, the United Nations Office at Geneva and the European office of the United Nations Environment Programme, with the contribution of the IPCC secretariat and the support of local authorities and bodies. This climate action initiative is now open to all entities of International Geneva.

Contact :

M. Jean-Pierre Reymond, Counselor Tel. +41 58 465 45 54
Office of innovation partnerships, Multilateral division, Permanent mission of Switzerland to the UN


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