International Geneva Information Kit

A page designed to help International staff being aware of the resources available to them in Geneva.




International Geneva calendar

The largest compilation of international events and conferences taking place in Geneva


UN Geneva meeting and events

Resources, calendar and services provided for meetings and events by the United Nations Office at Geneva



International Geneva Daily News

The Daily News is a selection of articles in English and French (from media, OI, NGOs, public authorities) about what is happening in International Geneva.

Geneva Solutions

A new journalistic platform dedicated to covering Genève internationale with daily news on Peace & Humanitarian, Climate Change, Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance, and Internet Governance. 

The New Humanitarian

The New Humanitarian reports from the heart of conflicts and disasters and publishes daily and weekly newsletters and timely email alerts that keep you up to date with all the latest humanitarian news

Health Policy Watch

A digital platform for independent reporting on top global health policy debates, trends, and research

UN Geneva News Center

A news center highlighting the latest developments and multimedia content coming out of Geneva

UN News Centre

A one-stop, multimedia news portal about the work of the United Nations 

UN Webcast

Live webcast of events and meetings, virtual and in person


International Geneva Who's Who

IOs, NGOs, permanent missions, platforms, academic institutions, and welcome & support structures

UN Geneva organizations

All the UN organizations based in Geneva by topic

3D map

The 3D map of International Geneva geographically locates all the main international organizations in Geneva and shares its core expertise

Geneva Platforms

The Geneva Platforms bring together actors, ideas and expertise available in International Geneva. They provide a space for exchange, help create networks, develop, test and spread policy suggestions, and provide access to critical knowledge in their respective fields

Permanent Missions

An interactive Blue Book to quickly find information and contacts for the permanent missions to the United Nations based in Geneva

Documents and reports

International Geneva documents

Official legislation, reports, statements and publications about International Geneva

UN Library and archives

Books, articles, e-journals, UN-publications and more

Perception Change project

The PCP packages and puts the wealth of information generated by Geneva-based actors at your fingertips through infographics, SDG mappings, storybooks and a newsletter