The humanitarian trail of the Red Cross | 10 November 2020

Schleswig War of 1864. Sketch by Louis Appia, war surgeon and member of the "Committee of Five" founders of the Red Cross alongside Henry Dunant, Gustave Moynier, Théodore Maunoir, and Guillaume-Henri Dufour.

The humanitarian trail of the Red Cross

November 2020

Discover Geneva as a humanitarian city and a major international crossroads by taking "The humanitarian trail of the Red Cross." In 14 stages, from 1862 to the present day, plunge into the history of Henry Dunant, whose testimony to the horrors of the battle of Solferino will provoke a momentum that will lead not only to the birth of the Red Cross and the adoption of the First Geneva Convention but also to the development of the humanitarian movement we know today. On either side of the lake, from the heart of the old town to the international quarter, walk through this story with an interactive map or book a guided tour.


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