The Geneva Policy Outlook is live | 8 February 2023

On January 31, the Graduate Institute launched the Geneva Policy Outlook, a new digital publication produced with the support of the Swiss Confederation, the Republic and State of Geneva, the City of Geneva, as well as the Fondation pour Genève.

The Geneva Policy Outlook is the result of a series of meetings between high-level representatives of international and non-governmental organizations, diplomats, and experts from the academic community to reflect on how international Geneva should adapt to a changing world.

This flagship forward-looking publication focuses on strategic and operational trends in global governance issues of relevance in 2023. 

On this occasion, Olivier Coutau, Delegate to International Geneva, addressed the audience and stated in particular : 

"We cannot deny however that our world faces unprecedented challenges. The need for a better understanding, for clarity, for a compass to navigate unchartered waters, is pressing. Hence the Geneva Policy Outlook initiative. GPO tells us what is going on, what is ahead, what works and how. I see it as a practical guide for the 36’000 people making international Geneva. And, beyond, for all those involved in international cooperation activities."

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