Youth Outreach projects

Young Reporters at UNOG opens the door of the United Nations in Geneva to high-school students (16-19) interested in international affairs to engage with experts from different organizations in a press briefing setting. Each session is topical (i.e. covering issues related to food, water or international development) and 2-3 representatives from organizations working in that area come to talk about their work and current issues. The students then have the opportunity to, like reporters, ask relevant questions to broaden their understanding of the issues and the work done to address it. Afterwards, the students gather their information, and can write an article, which is then published in the UN Special or school newspapers, or alternatively make a presentation to their classmates. This gives students an opportunity to learn more about their areas of interest, and moreover, to understand better what International Geneva is doing, as well as communicate to others what International Geneva means.

Young Reporters at UNOG concept note for speakers

Young Reporters at UNOG concept note for teachers & students


#KidsWannaKnow is a project that offers school kids and students (age 8-19 years) the opportunity to partake in interviews with experts representing International Geneva on topics of international cooperation such as human rights, the United Nations system or humanitarian work. The interview can be done individually or in groups and is professionally filmed. The students play the role of a reporter and interview experts from various international organizations. This project is a collaboration with Eduki Foundation (which aims to promote education and awareness of the work of International Organizations and international cooperation among young people) and Greycells (an association where former international civil servants have worked in fifteen major international organizations and have extensive experience of development issues). The United Nations Office in Geneva creates video clips from each interview that can be viewed on the YouTube channel #KidsWannaKnow, as well as the websites of the Eduki Foundation. This project runs throughout the school year and students can sign up on a rolling basis, upon which Eduki Foundation and Perception Change Project Team plan and organize upcoming sessions.