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Geneva Science-Policy Interface

Umwelt, nachhaltige Entwicklung
Engagement und humanitäres Völkerrecht, Menschenrechte, Migration
Arbeit, Wirtschaft, Handel, Wissenschaft, Telekommunikation
Frieden, Sicherheit & Abrüstung
University of Geneva
Bd du Pont-d’Arve 28
1205 Geneva

"The Geneva Science-Policy Interface (GSPI) is an independent, neutral platform that strives to strengthen engagement between researchers and Geneva-based international policy actors. It promotes the formulation of science-informed solutions to complex global challenges in areas such as climate change, human rights, health, and migration.

Through its annual call for projects, support services, resources development and capacity-building activities for scientists, policymakers and intermediaries at the interface, the GSPI aims to advance the professionalisation and recognition of science-policy boundary spanning as a field of practice in Geneva and beyond. 

Backed by leading research institutions in Switzerland and Europe, the platform is based at the University of Geneva and is also supported by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs."