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Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative - DNDi

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"The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) is a not-for-profit research and development organization that discovers, develops, and delivers safe, effective, and affordable treatments for neglected patients. Since its creation in 2003, DNDi has joined with public and private partners across the globe to deliver twelve new field-adapted and affordable treatments for six deadly diseases, saving millions of lives.

Driven by the medical needs of poor and marginalized people, DNDi leverages the power of innovation, open science, partnerships, and advocacy to foster a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable global system for biomedical innovation and treatment access."



Dr Luis Pizarro, Directeur exécutif

Annual and financial reports
2021 Key figures

12 FOR 6
12 field-adapted and affordable treatments delivered for 6 deadly diseases

200+ partners in 40+ countries have joined DNDi to deliver the best science for the most neglected diseases

4+ M
4+ million compounds screened through open and collaborative science, and 27 active clinical studies ongoing around the world

65 million CHF
annual expenditure, with 89% of it allocated to social mission (2021 figures)

employees worldwide, across eight locations on four continents (2021 figures)

Source: DNDi