L'oeil de la Genève Internationale
April 2018

The Global Health Campus opened its doors on 12 March, when the Global Fund began its move from Blandonnet to Grand Saconnex. When joined by Gavi, Unitaid, Roll Back Malaria and Stop TB over the coming weeks and months, it will bring together global health partners to unlock the collective potential of our distinctive missions.

A key driver of the project has been valued for money, a primary concern for the project’s partners Gavi and the Global Fund, and our donors. Each expects significant savings in ongoing building costs, but the opportunities to find efficiencies go beyond savings on rent and services.

Many of the co-locating organizations already work closely together to enhance programmatic effectiveness across the programs we fund. Being together on the campus will enable even closer collaboration and the sharing of best practices and the better coordination of programmatic activity. This is the essence of the ‘campus’ spirit.

The Campus is designed to foster collaboration and inspire innovation so we can deliver greater impact for the people we serve. It’s a great place to work. Together.

Text provided by the Global Fund