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Independent Diplomat - ID

Frieden, Sicherheit & Abrüstung
c/o Meridec
Rue Louis Casaï 81
1216 Cointrin
+ 41 76 621 77 27

"A nonprofit advisory group of diplomats, lawyers, and strategists, Independent Diplomat (ID) helps democratic governments and political groups use diplomacy to achieve justice. ID works to bring those with the most at stake in a conflict or international problem into the decision-making process on that issue. This is not only fair, but also produces more sustainable agreements that contribute to global stability by taking everyone’s interests into account. ID's clients, all of whom meet strict ethical criteria, often represent those facing war, displacement, human rights violations, and other injustices. ID advises them on political strategy, public diplomacy, and international law to make their voices heard in international negotiations over issues that affect them."