The most comprehensive online gateway to SDG-related information of International Geneva

The GVAData, a project implemented by the Perception Change Project with the support of the Canton of Geneva, provides users with an up-to-date and evolving guide to data created by International Geneva. For the first time, United Nations agencies, international organizations, academic institutions and NGOs have united their data in one collective portal, which facilitates meaningful analysis by enabling users to easily navigate and locate existing data sources across silos.

The Geneva Data portal allows users to search across information platforms by Global Goals, thematic areas, organizations, and types of information. Databases, reports, factsheets, maps, country profiles, infographics, photos, videos, and more, are included. Printed Geneva Data binders include additional information customized to suit specific users such as the media, researchers, diplomats and speechwriters. 

The design and creation of this tool has fostered collaboration while respecting the diversity of approaches to present information. Open access to data is crucial for the expansion of  innovation required to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The value of GvaData is its power to cut through different fields, thematic areas, and mobilize all actors, which is especially important if we are to achieve progress toward the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

If you are an International Organizations, Funds & Programmes, NGOs, Academic Institutions, Think Tank & Institutes or UN Agencies with a presence in Geneva area, please download our User Guide to contribute to make this tool ultimately as representative of International Geneva as possible. 

User Guide 2.2 for GVAData