Geneva's Expertise on the SDGs

Tool to strengthen synergies and improve coordination to support Member States in achieving the SDGs

The UN Office at Geneva has mapped out the expertise on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) found across international organizations, NGOs and other institutions based in Geneva. This has been envisioned as a tool to help strengthen synergies, improve coordination to support countries achieve the SDG and provide Member States an overview of “who is doing what and where”. Over 75 organizations participated in the initial mapping exercise.

For each goal, they assessed their expertise in terms of:

  • Norms and standard setting
  • Legal framework and support
  • Capacity building and training
  • Coordination
  • Research and collection of data
  • Policy formulation
  • Outreach, advocacy and communication
  • Data analysis, harmonization and statistics
  • Operations in the field

It should be noted that this mapping reflects a self-assessment from each organization, so criteria are not strictly uniform. All partner organizations of the Perception Change Project (PCP) were invited to join this initial collective effort.

The PCP is working on a second edition of SDG mapping and has shared an online survey with partners across international Geneva. The upcoming set of infographics will include not only additional submissions, but also more details to help organizations connect and identify synergies more precisely.

SDG Mapping online 

Geneva's Expertise on the SDGs - SDG Mapping 1/2 (1st edition)

Geneva's Expertise on the SDGs - SDG Mapping 2/2 (1st edition)