L'oeil de la Genève Internationale

Durch ein Bild eines renommierten Fotografen wird Ihnen jede Woche ein Thema vorgestellt, das mit einer aktuellen Veranstaltung des internationalen Genfs in Verbindung steht.



The Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW), organized annually by OCHA and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), will be held from 17 to 28 April 2023. Since its inception in 2015, this conference has provided a space for practitioners and experts to connect and fosters a collaborative approach to address common challenges in crisis preparedness and response. The above scene was taken by Peter van Agtmael at the Bab al-Hawa Hospital, Syria, in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria in February 2023. 

17 April 2023

To mark its 75th anniversary, the World Health Organization (WHO) presents the exhibition "Picturing Health, 75 years of progress and challenges" at Quai Wilson from 3 April to 1 May. For over 70 years, the WHO has assigned professional photographers to document its efforts to advance health for all, today constituting a collection of more than 58'000 images. As part of the exhibition, this portrait of a mother and child suffering from smallpox was taken in the early 70s by renowned Indian photojournalist T. Satyan. In 1980, the 33rd World Health Assembly endorsed the conclusions of the Global Commission for Certification of Smallpox Eradication that smallpox had been eradicated worldwide and that the return of the virus was unlikely." The Smallpox Archives are, since 2017, registered in the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme.

3 April 2023

For the first time, 30 March will mark the International Day of Zero waste. In this context, the Geneva Environment Network organizes the discussion "Beating Waste Pollution | Geneva Zero Waste Day Celebration." This multi-stakeholder event will highlight the steps taken by International Geneva actors and beyond to achieve the zero waste agenda. While the tide is out, those brave volunteers struggle in the mud to collect rubbish and loads of plastic bags. Ian Berry took this image on the Isle of Dogs during the London Rivers week for clean rivers organized by Thames21 in England in 2008. 

Monday 27 March 2023

This year’s World TB Day theme focuses on "Yes! We can end TB." In this perspective, the WHO invites you on 22 March to an online Talk Show with WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and other senior WHO leadership, ministers, leaders, high-level government representatives, Heads of Agencies, TB survivors, civil society, and partners. The Show is broadcast live, with interactive Q&A from the audience online. This sparkling little girl above suffers from spinal tuberculosis and must wear a stiff body jacket. She was pictured, by David Seymour, in 1948 at the Bellevue Hospital in Vienna, Austria.

20 March 2023

On 16 March, the GCSP invites you to the Geneva Security Debate on "A World without War," the latest book by Sundeep Waslekar, President of Strategic Foresight Group. By examining the history and politics of war, Dr. Waslekar proposes a "global social contract for lasting peace." Together with Ambassador Greminger, Director of the GCSP, Dr. Waslekar will discuss the key messages of this publication and how sustainable peace can be achieved. To participate, you may register here. This lively scene of a mother and child above was taken by, Magnum Photographer, Newsha Tavakolian in Paracaima, Roraima, Brazil, in October 2022.

14 March 2022

8 March marks International Women's Day. In this impetus, the Geneva Environment Network convenes you to the high-level panel discussion addressing “Women, Girls, and the Triple Planetary Crisis” through the lens of climate change, biodiversity loss, human rights, gender, and innovation. Along the same path, the WTO organizes “A Conversation between European Central Bank President, Christine Lagarde and WTO Director-General, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.” The photojournalist Nana Heitmann followed, 16-year-old, Divya Chaudhry’s quest to study for a career in science encouraged by youth empowerment groups, and the support of her parents. Here, Divya poses with her sister Saniya next to their village, Turki, Madhya Pradesh, India in November 2022.

6 March 2023

From 27 February to 4 April 2023, the Human Right Council is holding its 52nd regular session. United Nations' highest body dedicated to the protection and promotion of Human Rights will mark the 35th anniversary of the Declaration on the Right to Development and organizes notably a series of high-level meetings addressing youth rights and participation, the question of death penalty, racism, the rights of people with disabilities and children's rights. You may watch the session live on UN Web TV. Those children playing were pictured in September 2020, by Emin Ozmen, in the province of Mardin, Turkey, at the border with Syria, where thousands of Syrians have sought refuge since the beginning of the war. 

27 February 2023

On 23 February 2023, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, known as the Declaration of Geneva, is 100 years old. This anniversary is the occasion to announce that the International Museum of the Reformation will present, from 27 April to 27 August, the exhibition "Déflagrations: more than a century of children's drawings in wars and mass crimes." 

The exhibition will bring together more than 150 drawings by children who have witnessed, been victims of, and acted in armed conflicts from the First World War to the present day.


23 February 2023

The International Cooperation Forum Switzerland will take place on 15 and 16 February under the theme "Education for Future." This event will bring together actors from international cooperation, business, finance, civil society, and research to address sustainable funding, innovative and practical solutions, and active youth participation for global quality education. This classroom scene pictures Syrian children in a makeshift school supported by the Turkish NGO "Support to Life." It was taken by Magnum photographer Emin Ozmen, in Hatay, Turkey, in 2018.

13 February 2023

In the roundup of the Committee on the Rights of the Child, the Geneva Human Rights Platform and Child rights connect, organize the discussion "Child participation in the work of UN Human Rights mechanisms" today, 6 February, at 13:15. This event is part of the Human Rights Conversations series that aims to discuss today's challenges to promote and safeguard Human Rights. The above sparkling scene was pictured by Alex Webb in the framework of UNICEF's Children's broadcasting participation program, in Mozambique, in 2012. 

6 February 2023

"How global governance needs to adapt to new world orders?" How do we accelerate the process from ideas to actions? What can be done now, and by whom? Those questions are at the core of the new digital publication "Geneva Policy Outlook," produced by the Geneva Graduate Institute. Key findings of this pilot edition, and a discussion with some authors on issues and negotiations to watch in 2023 will be presented at the launch event on 31 January. This school, built on stilts to avoid incidents due to the rise in water levels, was pictured by Sohrab Hura near Tacloban, Philippines. It is part of UNEP's commission of ten of Magnum's Photographers to document the solutions implemented to curb the rise of global temperatures. This photographic corpus resulted in the exhibition "We have the power: we are the change."

30 January 2023

Since 2018, the 24 January marks the International Day of Education. It is the occasion to remind that the first Declaration of the Rights of the Child, known as the Declaration of Geneva, was adopted a hundred years ago, recognizing the existence of specific rights for children and that "humanity must give the child the best it has." This portrait of Somali girls at school was taken in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, in 2016, by Magnum photographer Newsha Tavakolian

23 January 2023

The 92 session of the Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) starts today, 16 January, until 3 February. The Convention on the Rights of the Child sets out the rights that must be realized for children, adolescents, and teenagers to develop to their full potential, and be protected from violence, abuse, and harm. This photograph was taken in Belbedji, Niger, in July 2021 by Zied Ben Romdhane. It is part of the story "Children of the Rain" and selected in the Witnesses: 50 years of Doctors Without Borders project. 

16 January 2023

"What will 2023 bring for digital geopolitics, AI, data, and cryptocurrencies? What issues will dominate the United Nations and multilateral agenda in Geneva and beyond?" Those questions, and numerous others, will be discussed at DiploFoundation's "Trends and Predictions for 2023" webinar on 12 January at 14:00 CET. The conceptual image above symbolizes the "Right to ensure human direction and control over artificial intelligence." It is the result of a collaboration between Magnum photographer Cristina de Middel and the International Federation for Human Rights to mark their Centenary in 2022.

9 January 2023


2023 will mark the Centenary of the Declaration of Geneva. Born from the consequences of the Great War, this text was adopted on 23 February 1923 and recognized for the first time the existence of specific rights for children. This anniversary is therefore significant for International Geneva. It is an opportunity to reaffirm the importance of the activities of organizations working for children and young people throughout the world. In this impetus, the Office of International Geneva is pleased to continue next year, through its website, promoting the activities of the organizations of International Geneva and those who shape it. Happy Holidays!

Monday 19 December 2022

On Wednesday, 13 December, CERN invites you to "Embark on the search for the invisible." Particle physicists are almost like detectives relying on their powers of deduction to find the culprit who left weird tracks. Which particle was it? Where did it come from? If no one saw it, was it ever really there?" You are encouraged to register to attend. This discrete Stingray was pictured by Trent Parke in Coral Bay, Australia, in 2003. 

Monday 12 December 2022

On 7 December, the secretariat of the Minamata Convention with the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) invites you to the "Mercury Health Risk Communication" webinar. This session will gather experts, health scientists, and IOs to share their knowledge on the human health risk of mercury and discuss opportunities and challenges in communicating health risks to the public and professionals. This photograph depicts a victim of Minamata disease with a representative of the Chisso Chemical Plant. It was taken in 1971 by the renowned photojournalist W. Eugene Smith. Smith spent four years in Minamata documenting the consequence of mercury pollution. He is the author of many books, notably, "W. Eugene Smith Master of the Photographic Essay."

Monday 5 December 2022

The 113th Session of the IOM Council will take place from 29 November to 2 December. As underlined by Director General Antonio Vitorino in the 2023 Programme and Budget: "the past year has been one of institutional growth at a time of proliferating crisis (...) New challenges have emerged to which IOM has been called to respond, from Afghanistan to Pakistan, to Ukraine, while still supporting long-standing displacement situations from Bangladesh to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, to Yemen." This scene was taken in the Rawdah camp for IDPs in Marib, Yemen by Magnum photographer Moises Saman in 2021. 

28 November 2022

Today 21 November, FIND invites you to the "TB screening: Policies, Practices, Challenges and Opportunities webinar" at 10:00 – 12:00 GMT. This event will showcase the global survey of National TB Programmes conducted by UCL, WHO, and FIND. In the same field of expertise, starting at 15:00 CET, the WHO and the Union organize the webinar entitled: "2022Multisectoral engagement to improve gender equity in TB and ensure no one is left behind." Magnum photographer Stuart Franklin took this picture in a National TB hospital in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2007. 

Monday 21 November 2022

To mark its 45th anniversary, the APT is organizing on 15 November - jointly with the commune of Chêne-Bougeries - a conference-debate dedicated to its founder "Jean-Jacques Gautier: his commitment to prevent torture." Convinced that it would be possible to prevent torture by opening the doors of all places of detention to external control, Jean-Jacques Gautier founded the Swiss Committee against Torture, now the APT, in 1977. The idea of a system of visits to places of deprivation of liberty was first realized, in Europe, in 1987. Then, the APT succeeded in convincing the international community of the relevance of an optional protocol to the UN Convention against Torture (OPCAT), adopted in 2002.

15 November 2022