International Geneva resource pages on COVID-19 | 30 April 2020

30 April 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge for the entire world. In this context, international organizations, NGOs and academic institutions based in Geneva have a wealth of resources to offer. On this page, you will find a sample of some of the main actions, reports, recommendations or databases launched by them during the last few weeks. This compilation is meant to raise awareness about and encourage the use of what is made available from Geneva to answer the crisis.


Environment and Sustainable Development

Geneva Environment Network
Updates on COVID-19 and the environment
This page displays external resources on COVID-19 and its impact on various environmental issues, classed by theme.

UN Water
Coronavirus global health emergency
This page brings together water and sanitation-related information from UN-Water Members and Partners in the light of the coronavirus global emergency.


COVID-19 Resource Centre
This micro-site contains up-to-date information on SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics such as lists of tests commercially available or in development, performance data, use cases, and results of on-going independent evaluations, as well as access to online training and diagnostic-related resources. 

International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations (IFPMA)
Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)
This page lists the different areas of research focused on finding an effective treatment against the novel coronavirus.

International Hospital Federation (IHF)
COVID-19 Information and Resources page
A platform for healthcare leaders, service providers, organizations and the academe to share relevant information, best practices, experiences and recommendations on COVID-19.

Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic
This page contains information on COVID-19, prevention advice and the MSF actions amid the outbreak.

NCD Alliance
Coronavirus (COVID-19) resources relevant to NCDs
This page shares various resources and tools to support NCDAlliance's network navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stop TB Partnership
Tuberculosis and COVID-19: What to do?
This page contains information and advice for governments, health professionals and people infected with tuberculosis amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Global Fund
Discover The Global Fund's situations reports and news, grant flexibilities, response mechanism, technical guidance, health product supply and perspectuve amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

What people living with HIV need to know about HIV and COVID-19
This page displays advice to people living with HIV; stories, press statements and resources on the link between HIV and COVID-19.

Union for International Cancer Control - UICC
Cancer and coronavirus resources
UICC provides resources that can advise the cancer community on how to stay healthy and cope with this double challenge.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic
This platform displays public advice, country and technical guidance, FAQ, travel advice, situation reports, media resources, strategies, plans and operations and mythbusters made available by the World Health Organization in an effort to tackle the coronavirus disease.

Humanitarian Law and Action, Human Rights, Migration

COVID-19 ACAPS Resources
Discover ACAPS' resources for action on COVID-19 at global and crisis level, data sets, the humanitarian experts network, other reports and methodology.

Association for the prevention of torture - APT
COVID-19 and persons deprived of liberty information hub
This hub aims to systematise information arising at the nexus of COVID-19 and deprivation of liberty, and compile some of the measures taken by relevant actors around the world.

Centre for Civil and Political Rights (CCPR Centre)
States of emergencies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
This page shows measures taken by states in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic that may influence the state's ability to ensure the rights and obligations protected by the ICCPR. 

GANHRI (Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions)
Human rights dimensions of COVID-19 responses
This page shows how National human rights institutions (NHRIs) continue working to ensure human rights are observed and respected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Geneva Centre of Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH)
with Johns Hopkins Center for Humanitarian Health and London School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
COVID19 Humanitarian
This platform is an open-access, online platform for use by humanitarian actors in preparedness and response to COVID-19.

Global Dentention Project (GDP)
Covid-19 Global Immigration Detention Platform
This platform reports on official state action and the calls demanding that authorities implement measures to safeguard the wellbeing of migrants and asylum seekers in official custody and release people from detention.

Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime
CovidCrimeWatch weekly publishes a selection of stories from across the world that examine the relationship between the global health crisis and organized crime.

Coronavirus: COVID-19 pandemic
This page lists the actions undertaken by the ICRC and the resources displayed amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

International Commission of Jurists
Human Rights in the time of COVID-19: Front and Centre
This page contains ICJ news, articles, op-eds, legal blogs, videos related to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)
COVID-19 Resources
This page has a collection of guidelines, tools, statements, papers and useful links which are relevant to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobility Impacts COVID-19
To better understand how COVID-19 affects global mobility, the International Organization for Migration has been working to map the impacts on human mobility, at Global, Regional and Country level.

This page lists the actions and resources provided by OCHA amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 and its human rights dimensions
This page contains OHCHR's COVID-19 guidance, speeches, statements and op-eds, press releases, press briefings, stories and social media links.

Coronavirus outbreak
Discover the latest updates on the actions taken by UNHCR amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Labour, Economic Affairs, Trade, Science and Telecommunication

CERN against COVID
This platform aims at coordinating the response of the CERN communauty to the COVID-19 outbreak, in collaboration with the sectors of healthcare, drug development, epidemiology and emergency response.

COVID-19 and the world of work
This page displays ILO's guidelines, analyses and news concerning the COVID-19 outbreak.

This page is dedicated to featuring national resources developed by ISO members to support the fight against COVID-19.

Global Network Resiliency Platform: Best practices to improve COVID-19 responses
This page lists the actions and resources provided by the International Telecommunications Union amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus Advisory
This platform shows the Platform for National Statistics, Food Outlook, Observatory on Border Crossing Status, Data Sources on Coronavirus impact on Transports and the related press releases and news.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) : News, Analysis and Resources
This page shows how UNCTAD is monitoring the effects of the global pandemic on manufacturing, trade, foreign direct investment and economic growth.

COVID Action Platform
This platform aims at making the latest strategic trends, research, analysis, projects and data available in a click. 

COVID-19 and world trade
This page lists the actions, statements and resources provided by the World Trade Organization amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


CAGI, NGO Service
Covid-19 Resource Centre
The objective of this page is to support Geneva based NGOs to navigate this extraordinary situation and to access key online based resources and information. It will be frequently updated.

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