Who's who

Republic and State of Geneva - Brigade de sécurité diplomatique, Direction des opérations de la police

Local authorities
Working hours: 8 am -12 pm / 2 pm - 6 pm
email: bsd@police.ge.ch
022 427 55 30

The Diplomatic Security Brigade (BSD) is a unit of the Geneva Police that plans and coordinates the implementation of security measures for the benefit of Permanent Missions, International Organizations, International Conferences and Heads of State and high-ranking diplomats visiting Geneva. It is the link between the police and the diplomatic world.

Its main partners include: the Federal Security Service (Federal Police), the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, the various foreign missions and consulates represented in Geneva, and international organizations. At the local level, the BSD interacts in particular with the demining service (Nedex), the close protection detachment (DPR), the international police (PI), the road police (Polroute), the different components of the special forces (intervention brigade, canine brigade, navigation brigade), the municipal police, the canton protocol service, the airport protocol service, the French police services located in the border zone. 

The BSD also gives presentations, in its field of activity, to the Savatan academy, municipal police, private security companies, etc...

A corollary of the BSD's particular activities is that it does not register complaints.