Perception Change Project (PCP)

The Perception Change project is a collective effort to show the relevance and impact of the work of Geneva-based International Organizations. Through different projects, it informs about the work done collectively in Geneva to further peace, rights, and well-being.

Launched in early 2014 by Michael Møller, former Director-General of the United Nations Office in Geneva, the project is based at the Office of the Director-General, Tatiana Valovaya.

It has brought over 100 partners and strives to broaden the overall understanding of the relevance of International Geneva through concerted outreach efforts. It uses a fresh approach to engage with the media, works on innovative communications projects, and drives joint initiatives and events.

The project has managed to mobilize a network that works to achieve more concrete results.



SDG Mapping

Who does what on the Global Goals? To answer this question, UN Geneva has mapped out the expertise of 75 Geneva-based actors who are working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3D map

The 3D map of International Geneva geographically locates all the main international organisations in Geneva. By clicking on each 3D building, users can learn more about the work that international Geneva is doing for peace, rights and well-being.


Infographics on SDGs and key thematic areas related to the core work of International Geneva

Children's book

After the Rain: a children's book on migrants and refugees. 

Iceberg series  (English, French, German, Italian)


The Cookbook includes over 40 recipes for Peace, Rights and Well-Being, written by actors of International Geneva, showcasting their work in an innovative and creative way.

Youth Outreach

Youth outreach projects allow young people to interact with experts on a topic of international cooperation of their choice.

Impact Stories of International Geneva

Despite all the progress made every day to improve the world, only the bad news seems to make the headlines. Impact Stories of International Geneva showcases the solutions, positive results and heart-warming stories, offering a window into the positive impact International Geneva has on everybody's lives.