CERN Science Gateway | 20 February 2024

CERN's flagship center for science education and outreach has opened its doors. By providing hands-on experiments, real scientific objects, immersive environments, and interactivity to engage all aged visitors, CERN Science Gateway brings particle physics to life. With 1400 m2 of exhibitions, 260 m2 of labs, a 900-seat auditorium, a shop, and a restaurant, this emblematic building "inspired by the fragmentation and curiosity intrinsic to CERN" celebrates the beauty of science and its valuable contribution to the common good. For its renowned architect, Renzo Piano, it is "A bridge, forever bridges! A glass bridge which links the different themes and parts of Science Gateway while also allowing a physical encounter between researchers and children, visitors and physicists, tourists and scientists, all driven by curiosity and the thirst for knowledge." 

video @CERN 

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