Impact Collaboration Programme 2021 at the Geneva Science-Policy Interface | 7 December 2020

7 December 2020


The Impact Collaboration Programme (ICP) is an annual call for projects by the Geneva Science-Policy Interface with the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. It is aimed at promoting opportunities of collaboration between science, policy and implementation actors in order to enhance the relevance and impact of global governance and international cooperation efforts of actors based in Geneva.

The call supports projects that stem from collaborations that involve at least one actor from an academic institution, and one actor from the International Geneva ecosystem carrying policy work or implementation work. The ICP supports collaborative projects which explicitly bridge science, policy and/or implementation both in terms of aims and actors involved. This year's theme is: "Bridging science and policy to foster systemic resilience", and the deadline for pre-proposals is 17 January 2021. The maximum grant is 40,000 CHF per project for 12 months and the GSPI provides tailored in-kind support.

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