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The Daily News is a selection of articles (from media, OI, NGOs, public authorities) about humanitarian, public health, trade or human rights issues in Geneva. The selected articles are mainly in English and French. 

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  • Cases Of Novel Coronavirus Exceed 4500; Countries Plan To Evacuate Citizens From Wuhan

    Health Policy Watch – 28 January 2020

  • La délicate entrée de l'IA sur le front de l'humanitaire

    Heidi.news – 28 janvier 2020

  • Helping refugees? UNHCR says the energy sector could do more

    Interview with Kelly T. Clements, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees

    CNN Money Switzerland – 28 January 2020 (video)

  • Meet our researchers: Christophe Golay

    Geneva Academy - 28 January 2020

  • Coronavirus More Infectious Than Suspected; China Expands Quarantine

    Health Policy Watch – 27 January 2020

  • Une application pour améliorer la consultation médicale des enfants au Burkina Faso

    Heidi.news – 27 janvier 2020 (vidéo)

  • Melissa Fleming Wants to Change the UN’s Public Image. Can She Do It?

    Pass Blue – 27 January 2020

  • La Silicon Valley de la food se trouve entre Genève et Zurich, dans un écosystème unique au monde

    Par Fathi Derder, ancien conseiller national, coordinateur du «Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley»
    Heidi.news – 27 janvier 2020

  • Louis Emmerij obituary

    The Guardian – 27 January 2020

  • L'oeil de la Genève Internationale

    For the 5th time, the Geneva Internet Platform will confer the Geneva Engage Awards to International Geneva actors

  • Online meetings: reducing carbon and increasing participation

    DiploFoundation – 24 January 2020

  • Wuhan Health Services Deluged By Patients Suspected Of Infection By Novel Coronavirus; Military Doctors Rushed To City

    Health Policy Watch – 24 January 2020

  • WHO mourns passing of Dr Peter Salama

    WHO – 24 January 2020

  • Global Fund Appoints New Head of Technical Advice & Partnerships

    The Global Fund – 24 January 2020

  • Raouf Mazou appointed UNHCR’s Assistant High Commissioner for Operations

    UNHCR – 24 January 2020

  • Robin Geiss is the new Swiss IHL Chair

    Geneva Academy - 27 January 2020

  • Meet our researchers: Émilie Max

    Geneva Academy - 20 January 2020

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