Who's who

INTERSOS Humanitarian Aid Organization

Organisations non gouvernementales
Action et droit humanitaires, droits de l’homme, migration
Route de Morillon 1-5
1211 Geneva
+41 78 641 44 55

"INTERSOS, established in 1992, is an independent, neutral, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit making international non-governmental humanitarian organization (INGO). It is headquartered in Rome, Italy with a Branch Office in Nairobi, Kenya and a Representation Office in Geneva, Switzerland. The humanitarian mission of INTERSOS is to respond to people, families and communities in crisis hit areas around the world, providing them with protection and livelihood needs in life threatening situations resulting from fear of persecution, famine, extreme poverty, social exclusion, natural disasters, including from the effects of climate change and importantly in conflict situations and other destructive effects of human actions leading to large-scale population displacements within national boundaries and beyond as refugees."