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"The Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training (ORT) is one of the oldest non-profit, private training organizations in the world. With more than 134 years of experience in education, training and technical assistance programs worldwide, ORT manages secondary and industrial schools, technical institutes, junior colleges, teacher training institutes, universities and adult education and business programs in 40 countries. ORT International Cooperation (IC) is a technical assistance, training and capacity building services provider within the ORT global network. Created in 1960 to assist newly emerging and developing nations, IC has implemented more than 350 projects in 100 countries at the request of international agencies, local communities, host governments, and private firms. ORT training programs are designed to meet local needs and are particularly successful in overcoming economic, cultural, and linguistic barriers. A key objective of ORT IC technical assistance programs is to establish a self-sustaining, locally based training capacity."