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Health On the Net Foundation

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The Health On the Net Foundation (HON) was born in May 1996, during the beginning of the World Wide Web, from a collective decision by health specialists, guided by the late Professor Jean-Raoul Scherrer, and under the impetus of former Geneva State Councilor Guy-Olivier Segond. Because the Internet is a free space that everyone shares, a search for quality information is like a shot in the dark: neither will reliably hit their target. Health On the Net Foundation's origins go back to the September 1995 meeting on the Use of the Internet and World-Wide Web for Telematics in Healthcare, when some of the world's foremost experts on telemedicine gathered in Geneva, Switzerland. The visionary experts who created HON anticipated the need for trustworthy health information online. Thus, HON was created to promote the deployment of useful and reliable health information online and to enable its appropriate and efficient use. Two decades on, the HONcode is the oldest and most valued quality marker for online health information. It is a pragmatic solution that has been adopted by more than 8,000 websites. HON is a not-for-profit international foundation and non-governmental organization in official relation with the World Health Organisation (WHO).