Seventeen famous works of art for seventeen goals

The International Geneva website invites you to take a fresh look at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by revisiting them through the lens of art.

From the Renaissance to contemporary art, from Giorgione to Abdessemed and from Bruegel to Hazoumè, the artists we have selected speak to the challenges of the modern world. They offer a highly personal point of view, tinged at times with poetry, violence or irony. Beyond the usual statistics, they illustrate the emotions, suffering and contradictions underlying the SDGs. They invite us to question the exact nature of the goals set by the UN. In his painting of a young beggar, the Spanish artist Murillo contrasts the misery and squalor of his subject's situation with the child's grace and innocence. He thus offers a particular reading of poverty. Art also reminds us that our most valuable resource for achieving the SDGs by 2030 is our creativity. 

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