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Interpeace Advisory Team

Akademische und Ausbildungsinstitutionen
Frieden, Sicherheit & Abrüstung
Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2E
1202 Geneva
+41 (0) 22 404 5900

IPAT was created in 2013 by Interpeace to respond to an increasing demand from international and national actors wishing to benefit from the organisation’s experience and know-how in order to improve the impact of their peacebuilding strategies, policies and processes.

Through IPAT’s Strategic Advising services and Courses, clients gain new knowledge, new skills, and improved know-how to develop more effective peacebuilding strategies and policies, and to contribute to a wide range of peacebuilding processes.

IPAT works with each client to select the right approaches to learning, analysis and design to help you achieve your goals. IPAT focus on understanding the dynamics between all stakeholder groups from their different perspectives to uncover challenges and opportunities for peace that could otherwise be overlooked. IPAT supports you in learning about these needs, and advise you on how to make strategic use of the new insights to create inclusive and effective strategies, policies and processes.


  • Effective advising – global edition
  • Effective advising – regional edition
  • Enhancing leadership for peace
  • Tailored