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"Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is named after Rosa Luxemburg, the Polish-German politician of Jewish origin who was murdered in 1919. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation locates itself in the spectrum of democratic socialism, and is close to The Left Party in Germany. It has dedicated itself to the heritage of Rosa Luxemburg in its most modern sense: emancipative and critical of capitalism, radically democratic and opposed to all forms of dictatorship, dedicated to solidarity and opposed to imperial politics. Political education, critical societal analysis, comprehensive international work, and research grants are its most important areas of work. 

The slogan of the foundation is: Freedom without equality is exploitation; equality without freedom is oppression. Solidarity is the common root of freedom and equality.

The RLS office in Geneva focuses both on Global Social Rights and International Trade Union Politics. We would like to support and strengthen the labour movement and its organizations with political education, networking and publications."