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The Daily News is a selection of articles (from media, OI, NGOs, public authorities) about humanitarian, public health, trade or human rights issues in Geneva. The selected articles are mainly in English and French. 

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  • New Coronavirus Has A Name – COVID-19; But As WHO Convenes Global Research Forum Many Other Unknowns Remain

    Health Policy Watch – 11 February 2020


  • Shadow boxing a virus

    Swissinfo – 11 February 2020


  • New trends in mine action

    UNDP – 11 February 2020


  • Giles Duley, survivre pour mieux photographier les victimes de la guerre

    Le Temps – 6 février 2020


  • Au CERN, les habits neufs de l'accélérateur LHC pour 2021

    Heidi.news – 10 février 2020 (accès payant)

  • Une justice internationale en trompe-l’œil

    Par Alain Werner

    Le Temps – 11 février 2020


  • Construire des communautés meilleures, bloc après bloc, avec Minecraft

    ONU Info – 10 février 2020

  • Coronavirus containment is the key, as infections tick up: Tedros

    UN News – 10 February 2020

  • Over 30 Antiviral Drugs Being Tested Against Against Novel Coronavirus – As WHO Convenes Global Innovation Forum

    Interview with Thomas Cueni, Director General of the IFPMA
    Health Policy Watch – 10 February 2020

  • Mapped: The rapid spread of the new coronavirus in China and beyond

    The New Humanitarian – 10 February 2020

  • 2019-nCoV coronavirus: questions fréquentes

    Médecins Sans Frontières – 10 février 2020

  • WHO and FIND formalize strategic collaboration to drive universal access to essential diagnostics

    WHO – 10 February 2020

  • United States endorses Gavi with recommendation of US$ 1.16 billion, four-year commitment

    Gavi – 10 February 2020

  • New Permanent Representative of Viet Nam presents predentials to the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva

    UNOG – 10 February 2020

  • For many human rights NGOs, UN access remains out of reach

    Devex – 6 February 2020

  • Rénovation du domaine Barton, patrimoine historique genevois

    The Graduate Institute – 11 février 2020

  • Special Envoy Jean Todt and UNECE issue urgent call for new road safety ‎paradigm for 2030 ‎

    UNECE – 7 February 2020

  • L'oeil de la Genève internationale

    From 15 to 21 February, the Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN) will hold its Annual Conference under the theme « 100 years of Multilateralism. The Past, Present, and Future.»