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Main events of the year
Organizer Event Date Location Link
AI for Good Global Summit Continuous digital events
111th Session of the Council CICG 1202 Geneva
General Council WTO Headquarters
Next events
Organizer Event Date Location Link
Pages - 150 years of the International Review of the Red Cross Humanitarium 17 avenue de la paix 1202 Geneva
AI for Good Global Summit Continuous digital events
Virtual Panel Exhibition “100 years of Multilateralism in Geneva” Online
UNIDIR-AU First Regional Weapons And Ammunition Management Lessons Learned Seminar Online
Technical meeting on the future of work in aquaculture in the context of the rural economy ILO Headquarters 1202 Geneva
Sixty-eight Compliance Committee to the Aarhus Convention Palais des Nations - Salle XXIII 1202 Geneva
Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications : Forty-Third Session WIPO 1202 Geneva
Working Group on the use of mercenaries / 41st session Palais des Nations 1202 Geneva
Board of Trustees of the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery / 25th session Palais des Nations 1202 Geneva
Second Hydrological Coordination Panel meeting (HCP-2) Online
47th Session of WMO / ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones Online
Semaine des droits humains 2020 Conférences-débats, tables rondes, discussions en ligne
SheTrades Commonwealth Project's event - Virtual Gathering for Business Support Organisations Online event
UN Climate Change Dialogues 2020 Online
111th Session of the Council CICG 1202 Geneva
Working Party 1A (WP 1A) - Spectrum engineering techniques ITU Headquarters 1200 Geneva
Working Party 1B (WP 1B) - Spectrum management methodologies and economic strategies ITU Headquarters 1200 Geneva
Working Party 1C (WP 1C) - Spectrum monitoring ITU Headquarters 1200 Geneva
Trade Policy Review Body - Thailand WTO Headquarters
ISOLDE - EPIC Workshop 2020 Online
ITU Regional Development Forum for CIS Region Online
Forecast 2020 Online
WIPO-Oman Webinar on Building Respect for Intellectual Property (IP) for Law Enforcement Officials Online
28th Session of the GCOS Steering Committee Online
Celebrating 25 Years of Engagement For Peace And Security Various online events
Joint Advisory Group, 54th session WTO headquarters and online
29th Session of the Committee on Sustainable Energy Palais des Nations 1202 Geneva
Global Webinar Series | Enhancing the sustainability of humanitarian action Online
Second Session - Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies Palais des Nations 1202 Geneva
Accessible Americas: ICT’s for All Online
Working Parties 2SG9: Broadband cable and TV Online meeting
Council for Trade in Goods WTO Headquarters
Second Review Conference of the Convention on Cluster Munitions Virtual meeting
Advocacy - Influence the influencers! Online
4th Global Alumni Networking Night (GANN) 2020 Online event
Looking at the Edge: Understanding the Frontiers of Geopolitical Risk Online
Prize for Innovation in Global Security Online event
Navigating the Future: The GCSP Cyber Security Mini-Delphi Online event
Diplomatic Dialogue 2.0 Online event
High-level webinar: UNECE IPO Publication Launch 2020 Online
Supernovae as cosmic laboratory for axions Online
Eliminating violence against women in politics Online event
Annual meeting of the Committee of Experts on the Application of Conventions and Recommendations (CEACR) Virtual meetings
Conference « Taxation and philanthropy » Online conference
Info Session: Principles for Responsible Banking – Civil Society Advisory Body Online
Monoclonal antibodies for the treatment and prevention of diseases: why and how to expand global access Online event
US department of defense structure and policy-making: the strategic and tactical levels Online event
How the police in Latin America are dealing with GBV during COVID-19 Online event
18th session of WMO Regional Association III (South America) Online
Learning from History to Better Mange Current Challenges and Crises Online event
Digitalization: Challenges and Opportunities for Union Documentation Centres Virtual meeting
Webinar for Hague Members in Asia-Pacific on Protecting Designs Internationally Virtual meeting
Right On | Our Future, Our Voice: Placing children and their rights at the centre of the drive towards a better, greener world Online event
Minamata Online | Art12 Contaminated sites Online
26th Session - UN/CEFACT Plenary Palais des Nations 1202 Geneva
Information Session on Temporary Protection Provided to Industrial Designs under Article 11 of the Paris Convention (SCT/IS/ID/GE/20) WIPO Headquarters
Webinar on “E-Waste in the Asia and the Pacific: One Step Towards Circular Economy” Online
Les paradoxes de la migration UNIGE
Defence Innovation and the Future of Conflicts in East Asia Online event
A "New Normal" for the Planet? Online
Leadership Human Library Online
Virtual launch of Sparks! Serendipity Forum at CERN Online event
Geneva Beat Plastic Pollution Dialogues | Plastics and Waste Online event
Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) gap assessment of SPECA member countries: Paving the way to action under the SPECA Innovation Strategy for Sustainable Development Online event
Committee on Government Procurement WTO Headquarters
Consultations on the next steps in the operationalization of Euro-Asian transport corridors Online
Digital Security and Economic Recovery Online event
Fête de l'innovation Open Geneva Online event
The Women, Peace and Security Agenda: An inter-parliamentary virtual conversation Online
Innovations in addressing violence against women in the context of COVID-19 Online event
Webinar: WHO 2020 Guidelines on physical activity and sedentary behaviour Online event
Gender, Bioweapons, COVID-19: Connecting the Dots Online event
Committee on Agriculture - Special Session - Facilitator led Consultations on Export Restrictions WTO Headquarters
SAICM Technical Briefing 3 | UNEP’s Assessment Report on Issues of Concern: Chemicals and Waste Issues Posing Risks to Human Health and the Environment Online
Culture in Ruins: The illicit trade in cultural property in North and West Africa Online event
Webinar for the Arab Region Parliaments: The impact of COVID-19 on SDG implementation and the role of parliaments Online webinar
COVID-19: frein ou accélérateur de la lutte contre le réchauffement climatique ? Online
Fourth Meeting - UN/LOCODE Advisory Group Palais des Nations 1202 Genève
Launch of a New Online Service: Worldwide Defence Attachés Support Online
Human Security Reloaded Online
Nuclear Risks and Opportunities: A Conversation with Rafael Grossi Online
Structured Discussions on Investment Facilitation for Development (JSI) WTO Headquarters
Back to the Future - How did we get it right? Online event
South-South and Triangular Cooperation Skills Forum: A webinar series and virtual skills fair - 1st phase Virtual
Informal Trade Policy Review Body meeting on Monitoring WTO Headquarters
Unlocking synergies: Towards a Circular Switzerland Online
'The Gaze that Subverts', virtual exhibition to celebrate women defenders Virtual exhibition
ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (57th session) Palais des Nations 1202 Geneva
World Radiocommunication Seminar 2020 ITU 1200 Geneva
Informal Committee on Agriculture WTO Headquarters
Committee on Agriculture WTO Headquarters
Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent / 26th session Palais Wilson 1202 Geneva
Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples / virtual regional meeting Virtual session
Biological Weapons Convention: Orientation Workshop Online
The CyberPeace Institute 1st Annual Meeting: Achieving Cyberpeace: a Collective Effort in Cyberspace and Beyond Online
Global Protection Cluster High Level Event The State of Protection in the COVID-19 Era Online event
Launch Event “Exploring Armed Groups in Libya: Perspectives on SSR in a Hybrid Environment” Online event
Geometrizing T\barT Online
Launch of the Geneva Digital Atlas Online event
Webinar | Mercury in skin-lightening products: towards the 2020 deadline Online